Staging Occupied Homes

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…and working with what you’ve got


Most often, clients are selling the home that they currently live in.  They are savvy sellers and know the benefits of staging their property effectively in order to Stand out in the Market.

The OCCUPIED house is furnished, home decor and family mementos are on full display, the kitchen is fully operational, storage closets are packed to the rafters, the laundry bins are full.    In many cases, all that is needed to prepare those properties for sale is a consultation with a Home Staging Expert who will advise the homeowner on all the necessary changes needed to get their property “open house ready”.

But what if,  as the seller,  you fall into one of these categories?

  • you are simply out of time and energy to make those changes on your own.
  • you have spare bedrooms  or work rooms that never got completed and they’re currently storing your ‘overflow’.
  • some or all of your furniture is either so outdated,  oversized or undersized that it completely overshadows or undersells the true selling features of your house.
  • you admittedly ARE a “pack rat”…whether a “collector” or a “pile filer” you know that your house is CLUTTERED.
  • you just can’t keep ahead of the clutter and house cleaning amidst packing, preparing to move AND maintaining your job, caring for your children, carrying on with “LIFE”

If any of this sounds familiar, then you may just need a Home Staging “intervention”.     Don’t forget,   buyers need to imagine living in your house.  They need to visualize how their possessions will fit in.      Selling your house could be a tough sell if potential buyers can’t get past the perceived disorder .

These are all issues that Home Staging experts face on a daily basis. And this may just be the time to seek qualified, professional help from an expert Home Stager … ”enhance” the house that you live in.

As certified Home Staging professionals, Accentute Home Staging will work along with you or complete the necessary staging for you – using what you already have and, only if necessary,  supplementing with additional furniture and home decor or arranging for cleaning and packing services. From editing, adding or re-arranging furniture, re-hanging art to de-cluttering and re-organizing, we make the necessary in-home changes needed to get your house market ready.

So how does Accentuate do it? Click here for a Behind the Scenes look at what it takes to Accentuate an occupied property…

Want more information about enhancing furnished properties, staging vacant properties or our extensive rental inventory?

Call us today at 604-328-6479 to learn how we help you MAXIMIZE the DEMAND for your next listing.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. certified home staging  •  Jun 15, 2010 @2:39 pm

    It is so worth it when you can hire someone to come in and stage your home if you are planning to sell it or just show it off for a party. You are going to be amazed! I love the work too that was done here, excellent use of color and theme!

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