Selling in a today’s Buyers Market? Home Staging SELLS!

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Are you selling in today’s Buyers Market? Home Staging SELLS!

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With so much inventory in the Vancouver market, and fewer sales since the same period in 2009, sellers are definitely feeling the impact of a BUYERS MARKET.   Multiple offers are no longer the norm.  Days on market have been increasing.   See what the Vancouver Sun has to say about our current ” Buyers Market”.

So how do you actually sell YOUR house when there is so much competition AND get the highest price possible that you’ll  feel good about?

  1. By working with a expert realtor that understands the market, understands your expectations, markets to the hilt and represents YOU.
  2. By setting your price realistically & competitively in todays market ( remember that you’re competing with a load of other fine properties )
  3. By preparing your house to sell with EFFECTIVE HOME STAGING.

With so much competition, EFFECTIVE HOME STAGING is a top real estate strategy to ensure that your property STANDS OUT IN THE MARKET, gets noticed and SELLS !

Put yourself in the role of a buyer.

You view two (2) properties in the same neighbourhood.  All things considered equal (size, layout, neighbourhood amenties, price) which property would you most likely pick?

DSCN4136 …the house that you’ll need to clean, paint, upgrade before you can really feel at home.






Living 3b …the house that is move in ready and already feels like HOME?






 How about two (2) properties in the same condomium complex.  All things considered equal (size, layout, neighbourhood amenties, price) which property would you most likely pick?

7….the  “bowling alley” condo that looks impossible to furnish? 







… the “Liveable” Room with a View?







The choices are clear and proof that STAGED HOMES SELL!   By portraying a “liveable” lifestyle that sellers want, your staged property will sell faster and for a higher price than the competition.

Here’s the facts:

  • 63% of buyers will pay more for a property that  is move in ready!
  • Staged homes sell up to 50% faster than un-staged homes
  • Staged homes sell for up to 7% more than un-staged homes

EFFECTIVE HOME STAGING ensures that the property you are selling STANDS OUT IN THE MARKET.    Make it memorable, make it STAND OUT and it’s as good as SOLD!

For more details about Home Staging, Vacant Staging, Occupied Staging or Interior Design, call Accentuate Home Staging Design Group today at 604-328-6479 or visit our website at

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