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Staging your property….as advertised

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So you’ve decided to sell your house.  You’ve signed on with a great realtor.   You’ve de-cluttered, sorted, cleaned and now you’re open house ready.   But are you?

One of the most common challenges that we face in Home Staging, is ensuring that the properties we transform are staged “as advertised”.

Staging as advertised is an often overlooked key strategy to effectively preparing properties for sale.   Maximizing the potential  and true function of each and every room as described in MLS listings and advertisements is imperative.

Before - Office Confusion!

Before - Office Confusion!

Sure,  your realtor could describe this room as the 2nd bedroom at every showing, but sometimes words are just not enough.   In fact, many people just cannot envision any other purpose for a room other than how it is presented to them.   

Don’t rely on the buyers ability to imagine that this cluttered office is actually the second bedroom.  By not portraying your house “as advertised” you may actually hurt your chances of a sale.   Don’t risk turning away potential buyers simply because they can’t see the advertised features of the house that brought them there in the first place.

Staged as Advertised - SOLD!

After - Staged as Advertised - SOLD!

By transforming this cluttered room into the bedroom it was meant to be, Accentuate Home Staging showed the buyers what they came to see.   No imagination needed, no extra effort from the realtor to describe the rooms’ potential…..just clearly presented “as advertised”and SOLD!

So assess your next listing carefully before putting it on the market.   Make sure that each room shows the actual purpose that it is intended for ….or at least shows a ’suggestion’ of it’s purpose.    Not sure how to maximize the potential of each room?     Accentuate Home Staging can help.

Call us today at 604-328-6479 and let us help you get Open House Ready.

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