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Increasing Curb Appeal

Landscaping, Renovations, Selling Strategies

So a potential buyer wants to view a listing live! Give your property a great first impression by increasing the curb appeal.

It might take some time and effort, but first impressions make a mark on potential buyers, and ensuring you’ve taken the steps to make that impression, a good one can go a long way and last a long time.

The top three things you should do:

1. Keep your yard tidy….front AND back. After a long, snowy winter, your lawn and garden probably need some TLC….mine does.  With a little lawn and garden care your yard will spring right back to life and will send sure signs that you keep a well maintained house!

2.   Create an inviting front entry.  A freshly painted door, visible house numbers, attractive potted plants, and a new mailbox will do wonders.

3. Remove your seasonal decorations – take down your Christmas lights and decorations.  Accessorize minimally, but keep it in the theme of the current season.

Don’t forget the garage and driveway.

The garage shouldn’t be the dumping ground for everything you just cleared out of the house. It’s reasonable to have some moving boxes in your garage: after all, you will be moving soon; but please keep it clear of clutter.

Most buyers eye up a garage carefully wondering, ”Will my vehicle(s) fit in, can I store my extra things or set up my workshop there?”  This can be a key selling point in your house.  (You might consider parking your vehicles on the street, away from the house.)

One last thing – NO cars in the driveway please!   You’re selling the house, not your car.

Don’t let anything distract the buyer’s first impression.

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