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Sell your house? Avoid these decorating no-no’s with these tips (part 1 of 2)



Does your home have curb appeal?

Does your home have curb appeal?

First impressions can make or break selling your home – and when your first impression is an unfavourable one – it can put the potential buyer in a negative mood resulting in a lost opportunity for a sale. Avoid this by following these simple rules:

1.  Hands down, the curb appeal of your home is the buyers first impression.  Tidy the doorstep with a welcoming doormat, seasonal planter pots, attractive house numbers and maybe a new mailbox.   And don’t forget the lawn and garden.  

2. De-personalize.  Make sure that the buyer feels that they can LIVE in your home.   Remove personal family and pet photos.  Bottom line, It’s time to merchandise the house.  Change your mindset from the emotional attachment of ”your home” to deliberately marketing “the house” and it will sell.  

3. De-clutter.  Pare down your furnishings and collectables….let the home show it’s real potential.  With all of the clutter – the buyer can’t see the what the home really offers.  Show them how spacious the kitchen is actually is.  Consider this you’re pre-pack – you’re moving soon anyways!

Check back next week where we round off this list with the what not to do with smells…


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