House Merchandising 101

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When it comes to building a strong selling strategy for your home’s sale, you can learn a lot from retail merchandising.

Display 101

What makes someone want to buy something when they shop? Stores, big and small,
pay experts to examine the psychological, sensory and tactile impulses that
create the ideal buying scenario. The bottom line is clear. These stores invest
in hiring merchandising experts so that a large portion of the population will
want to shop there.

There’s very little difference when it comes to getting your house ready for
the market. If you have overlooked aspects important to your potential buyers
(even the superficial ones) you risk appealing to the broadest range of buyers
and ultimately risk the sale.

Take heed from the retail world and work to gain these reactions and observations
from buyers:

  • A strong desire to venture inside
  • A positive first impression
  • A well defined layout
  • A feeling that everything has its place
  • An uncluttered looking space
  • Clean fitting rooms – restrooms – countertops – etc.
  • Ability to visualize ownership through use of mannequins and displays

Avoid eliciting these reactions:

  • The feeling of chaos due to clutter
  • Feeling claustrophobic due to cramped aisles and lack of white space
  • Frustration from the inability to find or visualize what they want to see
  • Stiff surroundings complete with un-strategically placed breakables
  • Cold and harsh appearance resulting from improper lighting

When you’re selling your next home, remember to watch out for these cues, or
hire an objective expert who can help you.

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