When Should you Stage your next Property?

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…Home Staging Time Management 101…

In our opinion as expert home stagers, the optimal scenario is to stage your property just prior to photographing it for MLS and as close to the first agents open or buyer open house as possible.   This takes any last minute de-cluttering or open house preparation off the sellers plate and ensures that the road is clear for the realtor to focus on the pure task of selling that property.  Sounds pretty straight forward…right?

But what if your house needs a little or a lot of extra “TLC” before putting it up for sale?  Should you stage the house before or after hiring a realtor? 


If you know that your house can do with some ”TLC” because you are:

  • in the midst of downsizing, packing and/or moving out
  • completing the last of your renovations
  • preparing to make minor repairs including painting, yardwork, etc

…….then you may want to consider staging your house before hiring a realtor.

Ultimately, you want to present your house at its very best…and that includes to realtors that you may be interviewing for hire.    Realtors are experts on pricing your home and they provide you with valuable insight into what today’s saavy buyers are after.   

By enlisting the help of an expert Home Stager first and getting a jump start on selling your house before hiring a realtor, you may get a higher listing price from Realtors.    Show them the clear potential of the effectively staged house and they will know that the marketing and selling  of that staged property will be easier and quicker than that of an unstaged house.

Time to Downsize   Ready to Show - SOLD!
Time to Downsize   Ready to Show – SOLD!

That’s what these Accentuate clients did.   By staging their property first and “setting the the stage”,  realtors could accurately assess the house for it’s true features –  free of any guesswork as to how each room should be marketed and clear of the distractions of clutter and over-crowded  rooms.   By staging this house before hiring the realtor, the final real estate process was  streamlined and the chosen realtor was able to focus on listing, marketing and selling the house…fast and for top dollar!

Whether you’re downsizing, renovating or repairing  – staging your house before hiring a realtor may indeed be the best course of action for you.     And if you already have a realtor or if the house is already listed?…. it’s never too late.    Just know that it’s still important to stage it and have new pictures taken for the MLS and other advertising avenues.     Before you know it…..SOLD!

When you’re ready to get a jump start on selling your house, call Accentuate Home Staging at 604-328-6479. We can help!

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