Staging for the Holidays – Keep it Simple!

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red_and_white1The holidays are drawing near and it’s time to celebrate! One of the first things we all do is think about decorating our homes for the holidays. Most of us have oodles of decorations and lights that we’ve collected over the years – much of it steeped in family tradition. Once these decorations go up, the true holiday spirit begins.

But what about those of you selling your home through the holidays? You’ve just staged your home effectively by decluttering, reorganizing, giving it show-home style and now you’re about to re-populate the house with years and years of decorations?  TIME OUT ! In this shifting real estate market, you just can’t let your guard down.

So how do you continue to merchandise your house to ensure maximum buyer appeal but still enjoy a little bit of that holiday magic that we all love. Here are a few home staging strategies to help you sell your home during the holidays:

Holiday Curb Appeal

  • Hang a simple string of white lights along the roof line. Easy. Elegant. Done!
  • Please, please, please – Pack up your extravagant icicle strands, They are too distracting and, I assure you, are best left for next year in YOUR new place.

Front Door

  • Doors wreaths are welcoming and are one of the easiest ways to instantly set the stage for your home.
  • Simple is best – something that blends with and “accentuates” your house colours. How about a simple cedar wreath, dressed up with natural pine cones. For a punch of colour, trying adding a few red or silver ornaments or weaving some bright red berry vines throughout
  • 1 or 2 pretty planter pots can complete your welcoming, yet festive display. Use your imagination, but keep it simple. Try an arrangement with a few sticks from your garden, an overflowing spray of cedar, holy branches, a simple bow.

Front Lawn

  • Take it easy here! I always recommend keeping the lawns clear of decorations. Just as with exterior lights, too many decorations can be distracting. Let the house speak for itself.… want the buyers’ eye to focus on your welcoming front door,  not on a 6 foot Frosty the Snowman!

Interior Decorating that Sells

Less is More

  • Use less of your ornament collection this year…..buyers need to imagine furnishing and decorating the house with their things. Rooms with your personal ornaments will be distracting to most.
  • Consider using ornaments in one colour theme only and that complements your furnishings & decor – reds, blues, silvers or purples, for instance, to create a comfortable flow from room to room.
  • Don’t overcrowd with ornaments. Too many ornaments can detract from the best features of the house. Isn’t the house what you want buyers to focus on?
  • How about placing a bowl full of ornaments on the buffet, a simple candle/vine arrangement on the mantle, a bowl full of oranges scented with cloves on the coffee table. It’s simple, it’s elegant, it’s welcoming.
  • The tree. Just like the room, don’t overcrowd the tree with ornaments. And don’t forget to place a few neatly wrapped (empty) boxes to place under the tree – now doesn’t that say “Home for the Holidays!”

Setting the festive scene for potential buyers will make them feel at home by capturing the mood of the holidays.   Buyers will be able to visualize enjoying many years to come of holiday celebrations with their own family.  Evoke this emotion and you’ve made the SALE !   And…you’ve enjoyed the holiday spirit as well.   So enjoy the holidays and get decking the halls!

Want to learn more tips on how to appeal to the buyer’s senses during the Holidays?  Stay tuned for our upcoming blog.

Happy Holidays!

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