Staging a Vacant Property – “The PARTIAL Stage”

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Staging a Vacant Property - ”the PARTIAL Stage” is your guide to a  key real estate strategy that will ensure that your property is market ready and Stands Out in the Market.

In our previous article Staging a Vacant Property – “The Full Stage” we reviewed the benefits of vacant staging.   These benefits still hold true:

  • Staged homes can sell up to 50% faster than unstaged home
  • Staged homes can sell for up to 7% more than an unstaged home

Emotions and first impressions play a key role in buyers decisions to make an offer.  Furnishing and accessorizing vacant properties is – hands down – one of the top real estate strategies to ensure that your property Stands Out in the Market.

Make your house APPEALING and MEMORABLE to potential buyers and you’re as good as SOLD !


But what it your budget simply doesn’t allow you to stage your entire property?

Perhaps most of your bedrooms are actually quite generous in size or that basement suite simply speaks for itself?

You may even be in the midst of relocating homes.  You’ve already sold or donated your living room or dining furniture ( for example)  in anticipation of starting fresh in your new home.  While you continue to live in the house during the selling process, your key rooms are now bare and unfurnished.

Whatever the reason may be, you’re best bet may be to opt for a Partial Vacant Stage.    Any staging is better than no staging if you want to maximize the market demand of your house in a competitive market.    So consider staging  just the necessary key rooms of your property ( the living room, dining room, the master bedroom for instance ).   Presenting your house and especially your key rooms with show home style will do wonders and give you the market edge.


Make it APPEALING and MEMORABLE to potential buyers and you’re as good as SOLD !

Call us at 604-328-6479 to learn how Accentuate Home Staging can stage your vacant property so that it Stands Out in the Market.

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