Real Estate Staging with Holiday Appeal

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xmas_traditionIf you are selling your home through the holidays, remember that most buyers out there buy on emotion. A key real estate staging strategy therefore is to appeal to the buyers emotions and to their senses.

What better time to evoke these emotions, then during the Holiday Season, when we’re all ( buyers included) in a mood of reflection and eager anticipation of what lays ahead. Target those emotions in potential buyers and you’ve made the sale !

Here are some tips that will help your home appeal to the buyers:

  • Sight: We all love the warm glow of a fireplace, candles and effective mood lighting. It makes any room look more inviting, it brings out the warm tones in fabrics, paints and it even complements our skin tone to make us look and feel better. That’s good enough for me! Give your rooms that cozy look by switching your cool white or florescent light bulbs with warm white or amber bulbs. And don’t forget the candles. Nothing beats the warm and elegant appearance candle light can bring to your interior spaces (just keep them out of reach of children and pets).
  • Sound: Sound or music can be a powerful selling strategy that used effectively, can have a welcoming and calming effect on buyers. During the holidays, why not “welcome” buyers with easy listening, well-known instrumentals. They’ll be sure to feel right at home.
  • Smell: Gentle, familiar scents will evoke holiday memories in any buyer. The scent of a fresh tree, clove studded oranges, simmering cider with holiday spices, fresh baked sweets and breads…they all say “Welcome Home”. But watch for sprays and heavy scents that might affect those with allergies or other sensitivies.
  • Touch: Very often buyer’s minds translate the feeling of textures in fabrics, upholsteries, draperies, accessories into a sense of inviting comfort, quality and elegance. So dig out those cozy throws, the velvet cushions or table runners, the luxuriously thick hand towels. Appeal to buyers who are looking for the comfort and quality that your home offers.
  • Taste: It’s the holidays – so how about leaving a tasty treat for potential buyers. Nothing says HOME than a plate of fresh baked cookies, sweets or a festive bowl of fruit.

The more time your buyers spend in your home, the more they have invested in it. Not only can you use these home staging strategies during the holidays, but they apply throughout the year. Just adapt to the season or the current holiday and you’ll be set to SELL !

Happy Holidays!

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