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Size Matters…..!!

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One of the most common issues we all face when marketing properties for sale are difficult room sizes and shapes. Size really does matter! Furniture That Fits

We all know that every potential buyer is ‘sizing’ up each listing and imagining if they can realistically live there. Small, cramped and narrow spaces can be the same turn off as too much space. Sales have been lost because a potential buyer can’t fathom how their own furniture could squeeze into that small space.  On the flip side, overly large spaces can scare off the buyer who imagines that they’ll have to purchase a truck load of furniture to fill the house.

Effective home staging can transform the most difficult room shapes and sizes into truly ‘liveable’ spaces that sell.  Spend less time helping buyers ‘imagine’ that they can live in the property and more time SHOWING them! A picture, in person or on MLS, speaks a thousand words.  By  increasing  the demand for the property you’ll increase your potential to sell it fast and for top dollar.

Don’t leave a property’s difficult areas to the buyer’s imagination… SHOW them the potential !

So how does Accentuate tackle matters of ‘size’? Click here for an inside look at what it takes to “accentuate” large or small properties.

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