Behind the scenes of an Accentuate vacant stage…

At every ‘reveal’, our clients are always blown away at how stylish yet ‘live-able’ their home has become after we have furnished and accessorized their properties. That’s music to our ears… we honestly love what we do. Our commitment to help you sell homes fast is evidenced with each staged home that we complete and we are proud that our staging evokes true, heart-felt emotions in buyers, sellers and realtors alike.

A successful vacant stage should project a lifestyle that buyers cannot resist. Harness that emotion effectively and you’ve got a quick sale with a great return.

So how does Accentuate do it? What’s involved…behind the scenes?

  1. The job proposal. Every property is different…in size, style, age, condition and location. At Accentute, we don’t provide you with cookie cutter solutions. Instead, we meet with you and/or your client to determine the winning furnishing strategy for your specific property. At that time, we’ll discuss your expectations, review our service offerings, and photograph the property. This initial meeting usually takes about ½ hour, after which we’ll prepare a fee proposal and submit it to your client within the next day or so. That fee proposal will include all of the following steps necessary to prepare the property for sale.
  2. After
  3. Day 1: Refining the blank canvas. Drawing on our staging and interior design expertise, we develop an overall design concept that best accentuates the key selling features of the home. Architectural features, great floors, fabulous fixtures, a room with a view… all these elements and more are key to transforming your blank canvas to an exceptional product that Stands Out in the Market.
  4. Day 2: Pre- planning is key. With a design concept in place, we start to ‘round up’ all the essential furnishings and accessories (from our own extensive inventory) necessary to carry out that concept. Think of it as shopping in your favourite home décor store – aisles and aisles of great picks, selecting those that coordinate in style, colour, texture and that will transform your vacant property into a cohesive and appealing show home. And if we don’t have the perfect piece in stock, we’ll find it, we’ll source it, and we’ll make it appear.
  5. Day 3: Pre-pack for staging day. All these items need to get to your property in great condition – in 1 piece and in an orderly fashion. We pack up all items ahead of time, large and small, to ensure safe delivery on staging day.
  6. Day 4: Staging Day! The big day is here! Here’s how a typical day unfolds for a 2,400 sq.ft. property:
    • The staging teams arrives – 2 certified stagers (yes, I’m one of them) and an assistant – with smaller accessories in tow.
    • Movers arrive with larger pieces of furniture, plants and accessories.
    • Art, accessories – everything is unpacked and all packing materials are removed from the site.
    • Bedding/linens/towels are steamed and/or ironed
    • Furniture, art and accessories are placed
    • Tables are set, beds are made, towels are hung
    • All surfaces are cleaned, polished
    • Floors are swept or vacuumed as needed
    • The Big Reveal! Clients love this part of the day – a fresh look at the property that is near and dear to them. A new look at the property that is now ready to Stand out in the Market.
    Living Room - After
  7. Ongoing Maintenance.
    • Following “staging day”, we keep a close eye on the property to ensure that the staging elements look fresh for those upcoming open houses.
  8. Day 5: Removal of all rentals.
    • SOLD! It’s now time to remove the staging rentals.
    • Removal involves the “Return of the Stagers” to pack up all items and move them out. This is typically a 2 hour process and is included in the proposed staging fee. .

Is your property larger? Smaller? Want more information about staging vacant properties or “enhancing” furnished properties?

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