Behind the Scenes

Staging with Kids

Staging with kidsHouses with young children…. whether it’s an over-abundance of toys and furniture or conversely a deliberate lack of furniture for child safety /‘ease of mind’ reasons, marketing properties occupied by young families can be a challenge at best.

You know that staging the property is an essential step to increase its market demand. But how do you stage safely and with little or no impact on the family living there?

Here are a few techniques used by our expert team in staging this month’s feature property enhancement.

By effectively staging the living, dining and family rooms we created a 'fun' area for the parents and kids to live and play in, manageable spaces for the parents to keep tidy as well as stylish rooms to attract and retain the next buyers through the door.

Challenge #1:  Clutter, clutter, clutter
Working, raising a young family and preparing to relocate homes – managing a home free of clutter can be overwhelming for most.  Toys, hobbies, packing boxes and laundry…..had overtaken this home. Clutter can be distracting and even off-putting to potential buyers.  It's key to ensure that buyers are focused on the house and not the clients 'things'.

Living Room - Before Living Room - After


Family room: As part of our rental package, we provided storage ottomans that not only made an attractive coffee table setting but also serve as ‘instant’ toy storage.

Potential buyers coming over? worries, just toss and store that clutter into storage cubes and no one is any the wiser!

Entry Hallway - Before Entry Hallway - After

Entry hallway: Removing the packing materials to the garage and accessorizing the dark entry with a perfect console table and art transformed the crowded and bland entry into an inviting 1st impression.

Challenge #2:  Child safety
The clients had ‘child proofed’ the living and family rooms in order to minimize the chance of injury to their young children as well as to protect their own possessions. 

With little or no furniture, these rooms lacked ‘family warmth’ and even looked ‘small’. Don't leave anything to the buyers imagination. SHOW them the homes true potential!

Living Room - Before Living Room - After


Accentuate supplemented the existing furnishings with carefully selected rental furniture and accessories that are ‘child proof’ – round table tops, sturdy, easy-clean chairs, non-breakable accessories.

Challenge #3:  Make it ‘liveable’
An effectively staged home with ‘show home style’ should provide parents and children alike space that they can easily maintain and feel comfortable living in.   Not only did this home lack the ‘liveable’ quality that appeals to buyers, but it also lacked ‘liveable’ and ‘manageable’ areas for the sellers.

Family Room - Beforefamily Room - After


Family room: By the moving the big screen TV to the family room, adding the storage ottoman-cum-coffee table setting and accessorizing minimally, this underutilized room is now the family ‘hub’ for the sellers...and will be for the lucky buyers.

Living/Dining Room - Before Living/Dining Room - After

Living & Dining room: By removing the TV, accessorizing minimally and replacing the more dated dining suite, the living/dining areas now complement each other and serve as a very effective 1st impression for any potential buyer.

Don’t leave a property’s difficult areas to the buyer’s imagination... SHOW them the potential!

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