Timeless Neutral Paint Colours for 2011

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Timeless Neutral Paint Colours for 2011.. just announced by New Farrow & Ball.  

Just released, these 2011 neutrals (complete with inspiring accents colours) are a hit with our Interior Designers at Accentuate Home Staging Design Group.  

These colours introduce a fresh new look at neutrals that we can all draw inspiration from as we prepare homes for SELLING and for LIVING.   Paired with touches of dynamic accent colours like Charlottes Lock No.268, Off Black No.57 or Babouche No.223 these colours are sure to add a contemporary spin to any interior…or exterior for that matter.  

Oxford Stone No.264
Named after the stone often used in Oxfordshire village houses, this colour is perfect for creating a warm interior.
Manor House Gray No.265
Inspired by the quintessentially English manor house, this definite grey has its roots in the 18th century but can be used to striking effect in modern schemes.
Mizzle No.266
A soft blue grey reminiscent of a West Country evening mist. The blue will become more intense when painted in a smaller room.
Dove Tale No.267
Named after the well known carpentry joint but with a twist in the tale! Some see this colour as a grey while to others it appears to be warmer and more stony.
      Charlotte’s Locks No.268
Highly dramatic and extremely contemporary especially when combined with Railings. Widely used as an accent colour in the minimalist decoration of the 1950s.
Cabbage White No.269
A delightful clean colour that takes its name from the distinctive wings of the Cabbage White butterfly. 
Calluna No.270
Named after the Scottish heather, Calluna has a contemporary look but with the delicate inclusion of black, it retains a vintage feel.
Brassica No.271
An aged, darker version of Calluna, named after the familiar purple colour often seen in the Brassica family of vegetables. This colour comes alive when combined with Calluna and Pelt.
Plummett No.272
Named after the lead weight used to sink a fishing line, this mid-tone grey is appropriate for interior as well as exterior use as often seen in Gothic architecture.

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